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Being part of Loyal

I promised I’d keep you posted, so today I’ll share my experience working at Loyal. 😊

I have just entered my third month of the trainee program. Looking back, for the first month I mostly had training sessions where I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to see how the consulting world works. This enabled me to better understand and connect all the steps while working on the different projects.

In the second month, I had more training sessions but also developed more responsibility and became part of a few projects. The projects are diverse, which I love, and I have freedom to express myself and to present my ideas in a creative way. Here, we have really different projects. Having a special work style, each team member can contribute with personal touch into the projects. Also, I get to work on internal processes that serve as a support to bigger projects.


On my first day at work, I received a backpack, a laptop and a phone. Every new member of the Loyal team receives this “starter pack” since the work we do is not only in the office, but a lot of time is spent on the “field”. Personally, I enjoy the days traveling through Portugal to have meetings. That way, I have not only the chance to experience the real business world but also just getting to know the country. I have seen a lot of places and have met plenty of people.

I believe this third month will be inspiring as well since there are more projects to be done and more challenges which I must beat.  😊

By Ariana Kuzhnini