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A new Loyal’s trainee: I’m coming back to Lisbon!!!

My name is Ariana Kuzhnini, I’m from Zagreb, Croatia, and I just finished the first year of my masters in HR Management and Organizational Consulting in Lisbon, Portugal.

Two semesters spent in Lisbon were not enough for me, since Lisbon is just too beautiful and warm. So, I had to apply for an internship program. I chose to apply for a vacancy at a consulting company: “Loyal Advisory”.

A few interviews later and summer break had started. I went back to Croatia and awaited the feedback from the Loyal team.

Yesterday, while walking through the busy Dubrovnik streets, I received the best news I had in a while! I got a three-month internship at Loyal Advisory!!! I was so happy that, for a moment, I felt like no one was around me and my ears were buzzing. After a few minutes, when I realized what had happened, I took a picture of the street where I was at that moment just to have a memory of the feeling I had when I got the news about my first internship! I called my family and screamed: Vraćam se u Lisabon!!! which means “I’m going back to Lisbon!!!”  😊

Today, I sat down to write this post, still feeling euphoria for having the opportunity to be a part of a team with fresh ideas and an innovative business approach. Having said this, I have big expectations for my internship and I would like to receive a lot of knowledge but also be able to give my contribution from a student perspective. 😊

I’ll keep you posted on how my work is going and about my new experiences!

See you soon, Loyal team!!


By Ariana Kuzhnini