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Backpacked Manifesto

Backpacked – The Manifesto

It is not easy to find the right name for a company official communication channel. How to be meaningful and credible without having an indistinguishable voice?

It is not easy to encapsulate the culture of a company inside a word.

“Backpacked” means that we are prepared, wherever, whenever a challenge requires our knowledge, our expertise, our strength. Always being “Backpacked” is a style of living and a new style of consulting.

This is the recognition of the consultant as a maverick, a fully empowered professional with unique skills and personality set, that is as much forged by the company’s culture as the company’s culture is sharpened by him/her. In a world where complexity is the baseline, the consultant is the unit of a web that becomes the operational model of a professional services firm.

The Headquarter as the center of a strong conglomerate that standardizes and replicates consultants and, therefore, solutions – maybe evolving to 3D printed consultants?

The Loyal Backpack, as the extension of the consultant body, is a symbol of a customized, detail oriented and ruthless will of achieving.

This space is where we will share our experiences and thoughts wherever our backpack leads us.