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Loyal Advisory: a new adventure!

My name is Lara Brito Jorge, I am Portuguese and Swiss and find myself currently during my “Gap Year” as an intern at Loyal Advisory. I began my Gap Year by doing an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels and despite my love to travel, when it came to the decision of where to go next, something about coming back to Portugal really appealed to me as it is where I feel the most at home. After a few phone calls and after establishing the duration of the internship and the starting date, I was ready to begin the next adventure. I am going to be honest with you, I didn’t really know what to expect. Regardless of the range of descriptions given by various people, such as “Communications and Consultancy”, “Project and Event Management”, “Stakeholder Engagement”, “Media Relations”, I can now assure you that despite it, yes, being a little of all of those things, it consists of much more than that, to the point of not being able to describe what Loyal Advisory really means in only a few words. Here, at Loyal Advisory, the range and diversity of each task or project or client, the range of working methods, achievements, aims and the team work, there is no single day that is the “same”, that is for sure! And for someone like me who can get bored of doing the same thing everyday, there is no way that would happen to anyone here, I promise.

I’ve only been here for a month and it already feels like years (in a good way, don’t worry), thanks to the direct friendly introduction provided since day 1 by the team. During project meetings and other work related discussions, I am able to present some thoughts and ideas of my own as well as understand the other team members’ points of view, which then leads to a well-balanced outcome and which makes me feel engaged in the team. Very positive impression so far and, definitely, learning a lot of qualities for the future.

As to how to describe Loyal in a short and sweet way, I will probably have to come back to you in a few months time. 😉


By Lara Brito Jorge