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Stakeholder Management Consultant

The Stakeholder Management Consultant will have the responsibility and opportunity of becoming part of an experienced and forward thinking team. Growth mindset is required.

LA Culture is to appreciate Manu Chao

[3 min read]   Gardening an ecosystem to create a winning culture is not easy. I always had some trouble in trying to relate much with […]

Don’t Bring Your Second Skin to Work

[5 mins read] Yesterday morning I went to our Loyal Lisbon Base with my sports shoes, jeans, and martial arts polo. I needed to leave in […]

Being Humble at Loyal

[7 mins read]   Being Loyal means having the same shared consciousness, which Loyal Partners have between them. It’s not having the same skills, the same […]

Building a team is managing interactions

I like to look at a company as a team or, as Stanley McChrystal puts it, a “Team of Teams”. In a consulting company, without a […]
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Backpacked – The Manifesto

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