LA Culture is to appreciate Manu Chao

[3 min read]   Gardening an ecosystem to create a winning culture is not easy. I always had some trouble in trying to relate much with […]

Don’t Bring Your Second Skin to Work

[5 mins read] Yesterday morning I went to our Loyal Lisbon Base with my sports shoes, jeans, and martial arts polo. I needed to leave in […]

Being Humble at Loyal

[7 mins read]   Being Loyal means having the same shared consciousness, which Loyal Partners have between them. It’s not having the same skills, the same […]
Loyal - Legal

Loyal Advisory: a new adventure!

My name is Lara Brito Jorge, I am Portuguese and Swiss and find myself currently during my “Gap Year” as an intern at Loyal Advisory. I […]

Building a team is managing interactions

I like to look at a company as a team or, as Stanley McChrystal puts it, a “Team of Teams”. In a consulting company, without a […]

Being part of Loyal

I promised I’d keep you posted, so today I’ll share my experience working at Loyal. 😊 I have just entered my third month of the trainee […]
Blog - Fruit Juice Matters teams in Madrid

Fruit Juice Matters’ teams chill in Madrid

After work, there is always time for networking, specially if you are in Madrid.

Loyal @ Madrid

Spanish are out in the streets in this Cataluña-independence day. High expectations to see how Madrid is going to react and manage this new Cataluña uprising.
Backpacked Manifesto

Backpacked – The Manifesto

Find out why our blog could only be called Backpacked.
Blog - 60 Years Treaty of Rome

Reflecting on the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

A new Loyal’s trainee: I’m coming back to Lisbon!!!

My name is Ariana Kuzhnini, I’m from Zagreb, Croatia, and I just finished the first year of my masters in HR Management and Organizational Consulting in […]
Blog - The Future is Europe

The Future is Europe

The Future is Europe - but Europe is, itself, a never ending work in progress.