Loyal - The Framework

The Framework

Surf the dynamic flows of your stakeholder ecosystem on a solid framework.

Loyal Advisory stakeholder centric framework determines that every intra and inter organizational event can be framed through the lens of dynamic flows between stakeholders. This specific perspective of analysis provides new solutions that are based on the assumption that these bilateral or multilateral synapses between stakeholders are optimized through mutual interests and shared value approaches.

Listening to stakeholders is a key building block of any Loyal Advisory strategy or project, as this process is at the core of any mutual interest yet to be identified.

Loyal - The Framework Applied


Grow with us
in our Fields of Application

Loyal Advisory professional services apply the stakeholder centric framework to Innovation, Sustainability, Reputation, Marketing and Communications.


Stakeholder centric innovation is the application of the framework to process, product or service innovation. How to catalyze the Stakeholders Ecosystem through platforms of shared interests that foster collaboration towards innovation is at the core of Loyal Advisory approach.



Stakeholders are the core of every Organization with a sustainability driver of its business. The overall management of the stakeholder system of the sophisticated Corporate has a long term sustainable vision which is directly associated with its license to operate. Loyal Advisory manages specific issues or complex challenges that Companies face in its strategies and projects with sustainability focus.



Corporate reputation is the reflection of the perceptions stakeholders have of the organization. Managing stakeholders is a lot more than managing reputation, but managing reputation depends exclusively on stakeholders’ management. Loyal Advisory, through its stakeholder centric framework, delivers an effective approach to reputation management.



Loyal advises on and executes stakeholder centric marketing strategies. This means that marketing a product or service shouldn’t be a process simply focused on customer needs or expectations management. Instead, it must be rooted on the shared interests of key stakeholders. These will become, by definition, advocates of the shared value identified.



Every stakeholder is a communications channel or a communications target. A well-managed system of stakeholders is a state of the art platform for communications: listen, deliver message, provide feedback. Loyal Advisory delivers strategy and execution for any communication challenge through stakeholder co-designed solutions.