Unlecture 2019

with Didier Schmitt


Managing the Transition: A Quest for Future Opportunities

How is technology influencing your life? Why do we open up access to our data? Do we know where all our data is going to? Are we prepared to deal with the new reality AI is bringing? How can we go deeper into the mindset revolution? These are some of the questions brought up during Unlecture’19 with Didier Schmitt.

Nothing ever stays the same. Changes come at an astounding pace. The trends of tomorrow will revolutionize the way we live, play and do business. New technologies have the potential to overturn much of what we know. The global economy is facing disruption. The clock is ticking. But disruption can be an opportunity. And to seize this opportunity, you must discover what you are building for.

As a leader, what changes will have the most impact on your organization? What risks will the future expose you to? How can you take advantage of these future trends?

A fast-changing world requires quickly transforming capabilities to keep up with the pace. The window of opportunity to understand and manage the transition to a new future is now. Put no limits to yourself or others. Join us to gain insights and acquire future-proof capabilities.


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Didier Schmitt

Didier Schmitt is a scout operating in the future. He is a scientist and a physician. His academic career focused on spaceflight and space analogues research. ​At the European Space Agency he is coordinating the future program proposal at ministerial level for robotic and human exploration.

At the European Commission his first focus was on space policy, and then coordinated scientific and technological foresight with the chief scientific adviser, as a member of the Bureau of European Policy Advisers to the President. Until recently he was a member of the space task force In the European External Action Service, the diplomatic arm of the European Union.

His military experience was as auditor at the National Institute of Higher Defense Studies (IHEDN) in Paris.  He is a regular contributor to mainstream French newspapers on future issues in science, technology and policy. Didier is also the author of “Scion|ce – What you need to remember from the Future”. He currently leads also a team of designers in a series of fiction-science graphic novels.